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Listen Up and Live Life to the Fullest…

About Listen Hear!

Through the Listen Hear! public education initiative, EPIC Hearing Healthcare is educating employers and consumers on the impact of untreated hearing loss, so they “Listen Up” and take steps now to address and treat hearing loss, and to safeguard healthy hearing for the future.

EPIC Listen Hear! Infographic

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EPIC Hearing Healthcare recognizes that hearing loss is on the rise, and not enough people are seeking the care they need. Share these resources from EPIC’s Listen Hear! campaign to spread the word.

EPIC Hearing Listen Hear! White Paper

White Paper: The Need to Make Noise About Hearing at Work

Hearing loss is prevalent but largely untreated among U.S. employees and results in a serious toll on employee productivity. Examine ways employers can address this serious issue.

Download white paper.