ReSound Phone Clip Plus

ReSound Phone Clip Plus

The Phone Clip+ is a discreet device that connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones. It streams the caller's voice directly to your hearing aids, while the microphone on the Phone Clip+ picks up your own voice. The Phone Clip+ is compatible with ReSound and Jabra Enhance hearing aids.


  • Call pick-up/hang-up button 
  • Hearing instrument microphone mute button 
  • Hearing instrument program toggle 
  • ON/OFF switch  

The Phone Clip+ is not just for phone calls. You can stream any audio coming from your phone, such as music. With the Phone Clip+, your hearing aids work like wireless stereo headphones. Discreet, all-day comfort. Use the Phone Clip+ as a basic remote control to adjust hearing aid volume and change programs.