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EPIC: Created By Physicians & Audiologists for Hearing Care Professionals

EPIC Hearing Health Care was created hearing care professionals who are dedicated to improving patient care and providing high quality hearing services. We administer hearing benefits for employers, national organizations and corporations.

Our Hearing Services Plan is the nation’s first specialty care plan devoted to hearing and hearing aids, and EPIC is the only organization to offer hearing as a fully insured indemnity plan. We refer tens of thousands of patients to provider offices throughout the nation. Our plans feature brand name technology by the following major manufacturers: Phonak, Unitron, GN Resound, Starkey, Widex, Siemens, Oticon and Lyric.

EPIC is:

  • A hearing healthcare benefit plan
  • A medical/health based model
  • A third-party administrator for its Hearing Service Plan
  • A contractor for hearing healthcare services
  • The patient referral source
  • Audiology based

EPIC is not:

  • A retail based model or company
  • An Internet based company
  • A discount company or plan
  • Single manufacturer sourced

Here Are Just Some of the Advantages of Participating in the EPIC Hearing Service Plan:

  • You receive qualified hearing aid referrals
  • No costs to acquire new incremental patients
  • No sign up fees
  • You select the products
  • You have no paperwork, administration, billing or collections

Join the EPIC Network

Contact professionals@epichearing.com for more information.

Practice Management for Hearing Healthcare

EPIC also offers hearing healthcare professionals a Practice Management Service. This multifaceted program supports the back office while otolaryngologists and audiologists focus on patient care.