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EPIC meets the growing demand for hearing loss solutions

Hearing at Work; the Key to a New Benefit

  • The majority (65%) of Americans with hearing loss are below retirement age
  • 30% of employees have untreated hearing loss
  • Today’s lifestyles contribute to hearing loss at a younger age
  • Hearing aids are not covered by most medical plans or Medicare
    • The average retail cost of a hearing aid is $3,500
    • With the EPIC plans, the average cost is only $1,800 for a similar model
  • Untreated hearing loss reduces productivity and earning power
  • Hearing impaired children require hearing aids to learn language and participate fully in the education process.
  • It’s an affordable benefit
    • EPIC’s plans range from only $.28 to $1.32 per member per month
    • The EPIC Hearing Plans can be combined with vision for a single premium and ease of administration

**Online employee survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of EPIC Hearing Healthcare

Hearing Care: The Final Piece to the Healthcare Puzzle

Healthcare insurance products offered through employers are perceived as high value benefits by their employees and add to the distinction of the organization.

EPIC’s Hearing Service Plans represent the evolution of healthcare services, presented to meet the growing demand for hearing loss solutions and rounding out the value of the healthcare benefits programs.

Help Your Clients Stay Competitive

Your clients are always seeking competitive advantages to help hire and retain the best employees. Let us show you how the EPIC Hearing Service Plans can provide that edge, with plans so flexible that they include an option that has no cost to the employer or employee.

As an insurance broker or consultant, your clients look to you to help them keep their employee benefits current and competitive. EPIC’s Hearing Service Plans help you do both, in addition to helping to keep their costs under control. EPIC has an easy-to-use process and outstanding customer service. Let us show you how EPIC can help you help your customers gain or retain a competitive workforce hiring and retention advantage. Call us today at 877-606-EPIC (3742).