Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EPIC Hearing Healthcare?

The EPIC Hearing Service Plan is the nation’s first specialty care plan devoted to hearing care and hearing aids. Founded in 1997, Ear Professionals International Corp. (EPIC) was formed to promote the value of good hearing and to provide high quality hearing care. EPIC currently offers a Hearing Service Plan designed for the vital sense of hearing. Most healthcare plans provide full service medical care as the major component of health benefits; they generally add complementary care such as dental, vision, and chiropractic in the form of additional benefit programs. The EPIC Hearing Service Plan:

    • provides a complementary program to manage hearing care and hearing aids.
    • assures access to high quality providers, with defined standards of care, at fixed and pre-negotiated rates.
    • Offers you the value of good hearing.

For all questions regarding the Hearing Service Plan, contact EPIC at: 1-866-956-5400

How does a person know if they have a hearing loss?

There are a series of questions you can ask yourself about your hearing; they are listed below. While these answers will give you some information about your hearing, the only true way to learn if you have a hearing loss is to see an Audiologist or an Otolaryngologist (ENT) and have your hearing proficiency documented. This may be a simple hearing screening test, or may include a full evaluation and assessment.

Hearing Survey – This short checklist will help you determine whether you are experiencing specific hearing problems. Take your time to answer the questions, perhaps together with a close family member who might have commented on your hearing ability.




When watching television with others, do you need to set the volume higher than they would to hear what is being said?
Do you often need to ask people to repeate what they have said?
Do you often have trouble understanding a conversation when there is background noise or other people are talking at the same time?
Have family members, colleagues, or friends asked you if you have a hearing problem?
During conversations in a car, restaurant, or another noisy place, do you often misunderstand what is being said?
Do you feel stressed or tired when you have had to talk or listen for extended periods?
Do you need to sit close to the speakers at meetings, religious services, or at the dinner table in order to understand?
Do you often experience problems hearing and understanding what other people are saying when you do not have eye contact?
Do you often find it hard to localize the source of sounds?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please call EPIC at 1-866-956-5400 to assess your need and start the process towards healthy hearing.

How often should a person have their hearing checked?

Hearing tests should be a part of your regular health maintenance plan, children and adults should have their hearing checked annually, or anytime there is a concern.

How do I know if I need hearing aids?

After an Audiologist or Otolaryngologist (ENT) determines you have a hearing loss, he or she may perform a Hearing Aid Evaluation to determine suitability and acceptability for hearing aids. The results of this evaluation, in conjunction with the results of the hearing diagnostic tests, will determine if you need and can wear hearing aids. Assessment of needs and lifestyle are performed to determine optimal therapy and treatment.

What does a hearing aid do?

A hearing aid is an electronic device designed to amplify and deliver sound to the ear. It consists of a microphone (s), an amplifier, a receiver, and a battery. Hearing aids do not correct the physical problem; they do assist by compensating for a hearing deficit. They can increase the ability to hear specific frequencies, and therefore assist in intelligibility and communication.

How do I locate an EPIC Provider and access benefits?

Contact EPIC at 866-956-5400 to initiate your hearing plan and follow these steps: Important Note: To take advantage of your insurance benefit, you must contact EPIC directly for a referral to an EPIC provider.

    1. EPIC will notify the provider near you that you will be calling to schedule an appointment.
    1. Upon receipt of your referral information, schedule an appointment with the specified provider on your Referral Activation form. EPIC can assist you with scheduling your appointment.
    1. Your EPIC provider will fax your hearing aid recommendation to EPIC.
    1. EPIC will contact you to review your recommendation, and collect any out of pocket payment if applicable. No payments are made to the provider.
    1. EPIC authorizes your provider to order your hearing aids or other recommended products. Your provider will follow the standard protocol to fit and program your hearing aids.
    1. You have a 45-day trial period with the hearing aids and during that time you may need adjustments and follow up care. You work directly with your provider.
    1. EPIC will follow up with you after 60 days to make sure your process has been completed.

Contact EPIC at 1-866-956-5400 at any time for assistance, advice and information.

What are my hearing aid choices?

The exact choice of product technology is a result of evaluation, discussion, and agreement between you as the patient, and the hearing professional. Your EPIC provider will walk you through the technology choices to assure the best match for your hearing problem. Providers may contact us for pricing on additional Hearing Aid options.

What kind of hearing aid technology is available?

Digital technology is the most progressive technology available in the market today. Digital hearing aids utilize flexible and sophisticated processors that analyze and respond to specific sounds in diverse environments. Your Price booklet displays pricing by classification levels: Standard, Advanced and Premium Digital Technology. These categories offer guidelines based on the circuit, features, characteristics, processing capabilities and additional options offered in the hearing aids.

How do I pay for my hearing aids?

All payments for hearing aids (which exceed the insurance coverage) are made directly to EPIC and not the hearing care professional. Payments accepted are typically Visa, MasterCard, and check. Patient financing is available offering low interest plans for purchase of hearing aids (on approved credit).

What is a trial period for hearing aids?

For all hearing aids there is a 45 day trial period. During this time, adjustments and follow up care may be needed. This is done directly with your provider. In the event you decide to return your hearing aid within the 45 day trial period, you will receive a refund for the amount you paid for the hearing aid, less a $175.00 professional administration fee.

What is the warranty for hearing aids?

All hearing aids come with the manufacturer warranty which covers repair, damage, and one time loss for three years. Should you lose your hearing aid during the manufacturer’s standard warranty period, a service/replacement fee may apply. Completion of an EPIC Loss and Damage Form is required for all hearing aids lost during this warranty period. Contact EPIC at 866-956-5400 if your hearing aid is lost, damaged or in need of repair.

How do I get hearing aid batteries?

The purchase of the hearing aid(s) also includes a one-year supply of hearing aid batteries at no additional cost (48 cells per aid). These batteries are mailed directly to your home after your hearing aid trial period is completed with your provider.