Batteries – Hearing Aid Care – Ear Protection

Home Delivery Battery Program Offers Substantial Savings

EPIC’s convenient battery program provides home delivery service at substantial savings. Shipping and handling are included. All size batteries for hearing aids and cochlear implants are available.

Power One Long-Lasting Hearing Aid Batteries

Long tabs make it easy to remove batteries from the pack and insert in the hearing aid.

Ear Protection Device

Even short-term exposure to loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. EPIC offers the best custom and universal-fit products to help reduce the danger from working and playing in noisy environments.

Custom Recreational and Occupational Earplugs

These earplugs are recommended for hearing protection in high-noise environments where communication is still necessary. They are most often used for heavy industrial applications and by sports enthusiasts. The earplugs are available in several colors and materials, with a noise reduction rating of 18dB.

Custom Musician Earplugs (also referred to as ER-15, ER-9 ER-25)

Hear the full sound spectrum at a lower volume. This is the earpiece of choice for musicians and concert-goers and a great option for accurate hearing in any high-volume environment. Order with 9, 15, or 25dB filters. Available in a variety of colors including flesh tones.

Custom Listening Devices

Our earpieces will accept stock earbuds from cell phones, office phones, or personal listening devices and will hold them securely in the ear. The custom fit reduces external noise and increases comfort. A variety of color options are available, including white to match the look of iPod.

Custom AqueNot™ and Swyrl™ Earplugs

This type of earmold may be recommended for external or middle ear problems, swimmer’s and surfer’s ear, children who have ear tubes, and other types of ear problems. Originally designed to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal while swimming, the AguaNot is also very effective in reducing loud noises.

Available in a variety of colors, or a “swirl” of multiple colors, with a noise reduction rating of 28dB.

Custom Recreational Earpieces

Replace your earbuds for a custom fit with unmatched comfort and noise reduction. Perfect for travel, exercise, or motor sports. The 3.5mm stereo plug will connect to any personal audio device including iPod, CD, DVD, and MP3 players.

Universal-Fit Earphones

Our UM-Series earphones are perfect for performing musicians and for use with personal audio devices such as IPod, MP3, CD players, and laptop computers. Three models are available to suit your budget and sound preference.