Hearing Service Plan

You are eligible to receive hearing health care through EPIC’s Hearing Service Plan at no additional cost. With our national network of providers, you receive customized care and, if needed, may purchase brand-name hearing aids at substantial savings.

Call Now to Start Your Benefit

Activating your plan benefits is the first step in improving your hearing. To enroll in this value add program, you can call toll-free 1-844.246.0544 or send an email to hear@epichearing.com.

How to Obtain Services

EPIC will coordinate a referral with the provider best suited to your needs. We can assist you in scheduling an appointment or provide all the information you will need to call at your convenience.

Your hearing physician or clinician will test your hearing and, if needed, recommend hearing aids or other treatment. After your appointment, an EPIC hearing counselor will contact you to review these recommended products and services. At that time, we will coordinate your insurance coverage and collect payment.

Your customized hearing aids and other products will be sent directly to your physician or audiologist. Your provider will ensure the fit and comfort of your hearing aids as well as your satisfaction.

45-Day Trial Period Ensures Your Satisfaction

EPIC offers a 45-day trial period for all hearing aids during which you pay nothing for needed adjustments and follow-up care.

EPIC’s knowledgeable hearing counselors are available to provide information and assist you at any time. We will also contact you after 60 days to make sure your services have been completed.