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We've designed our insurance programs to smooth the process of plan administration for you

Benefits for Administrators

We’ve designed our programs to smooth the process of plan administration for you. Our services, including direct billing and collection, plus utilization reports customized to your needs, help reduce your workload.

Everyone knows someone who has a hearing problem. More than 38 million Americans suffer from some level of impairment making hearing loss the third most chronic disability.

Managing Your Plan

EPIC acts as the TPA for all administration of the hearing service plan; thereby freeing up your precious resources for action issues. EPIC coordinates all coverage, benefits, and dollar allocations on behalf of participating members.

Eligibility Management

EPIC records and registers the individual hearing plan coverage for your employees or members, and acts as a hearing benefits counselor on your behalf. EPIC provides a fully secure, FTP site for download and transmission of eligibility files as necessary, and can accommodate most formats.


EPIC provides detailed utilization reporting back to our clients, including customer satisfaction surveying; cost savings analysis; and performance metrics.

Resources for Employees

Although hearing loss is the third most prevalent disability in America, it’s not well understood, EPIC provides you and your employees information on hearing loss and even an online hearing test on its website.

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