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Designed to meet the growing demand for hearing loss solutions.

Hearing Healthcare: The Benefit That Makes Sense Now

Did you know that more than 32 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing impairment and the majority of those people are below retirement age*? Most major medical insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a hearing aid, which averages $3,500, but with EPIC, the average price drops to $1,800 for comparable service and products. EPIC’s plans cover hearing tests, hearing aids, batteries and more. EPIC provides a fully-insured Hearing Service Plan* from only $.28 to $1.32 per member per month, as well as a savings option that has no cost to the employer or employee.

*Better Hearing Institute

EPIC is the National Leader in Hearing Healthcare

The EPIC Hearing Service Plan is the nation’s first true hearing benefit program for employers, with a national hearing health plan through its coalition of hearing healthcare physicians and audiologists. We are the only organization to offer hearing as a fully insured indemnity plan.

In addition, the EPIC Hearing Health Plan has been awarded the Health Network Accreditation from URAC, a Washington, DC-based healthcare accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the healthcare industry. URAC’s Health Network Accreditation standards include key quality benchmarks for network management, provider credentialing, quality management and improvement, and consumer protection.

Add Value to Your Benefit Package with EPIC

EPIC’s plans are designed to meet the growing demand for hearing loss solutions and enhance the framework of your compensation package. Benefits EPIC has negotiated with the top hearing aid manufacturers, including lower prices on hearing aids and batteries, plus extended warranties, truly provide added value to your employees. Not only do programs from EPIC hearing healthcare demonstrate concern for your employees and their families, they also help you to more effectively attract and retain the best workers.

Efficient Plan Management

EPIC’s guiding principle of customer service provides for a streamlined administration process, including enrollment support, direct billing and collections to eliminate office co-pays and balance billing by the hearing care provider, and reporting customized to your needs. Learn more about Resources for Administrators here.

High Quality Care and Value Added Benefits for Your Employees

EPIC supports your employees through the provision of high quality hearing care, including:

  • A national network of credentialed audiologists and ear physicians with defined standards of care at fixed and pre-negotiated rates.
  • The plans’ benefit may be applied to the cost of hearing tests or hearing aids not covered by major medical insurance.
  • Support services are always available with a trained hearing counselor.

* Underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, MO 64111
Administered by Forrest T. Jones Consulting Company and Forrest T. Jones & Co.
Group Master Policy #s HC-100/HC-101
Policy forum #s M-9089/M-909