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Our Plans

The EPIC Hearing Service Plan represents hearing as a valued life asset and puts hearing aids and hearing care into the healthcare arena as a specialty care benefit. This approach promotes the value of good hearing and the need for quality professional services and products.

The EPIC Hearing Service Plan is described in four levels of service, technology and products, and costs. Therefore, no matter the degree of hearing loss, the activities of your lifestyle, or your economic status, you can be assured that hearing care is available and affordable.

Insured Plan

The fully Insured Plan is an indemnity benefit providing coverage for hearing exams and devices (hearing aids). It is available in three coverage options including Hearing Exam Only; Hearing Device Only; and Hearing Exam & Device Coverage.

The fully Insured Hearing Service Plan is available as a stand alone product, or packaged with other specialty care benefits.

ASO Plan

The Administrative Services Only (ASO) Plan compliments self funded, or self insured groups by maximizing any funded benefit or dollar allocations. The ASO Plan provides all functions associated with administering a hearing benefit including: eligibility management; utilization management; billing & claims administration; professional disbursements and network maintenance; and member communication tools.

For those interested in self funding a benefit, EPIC will assist in determining feasibility and custom plan design/benefit structure.

Value Add Plan

The Value Add Plan is an added savings program that serves as an easy, turn-key addition to any benefits package; providing managed access to the largest network of hearing providers in the country, and substantial savings of 30-60% below MSRP on an open formulary of name brand hearing technology by major manufacturers.

Worker’s Compensation Plan

EPIC Risk Management (RM) provides a comprehensive service program for the treatment of occupationally induced hearing loss. The EPIC RM program is supported by a dedicated team of case managers, staff audiologists, and the largest provider network in the country.

EPIC RM delivers immediate coordination of care; cost containment; and cutting edge technology coupled with superior customer service for employers; nurse case managers, and third party administrators.