New: EPIC'S Most Affordable Hearing Health Care

One of the major reasons stated by people needing hearing aids and putting off the decision is the costs associated with hearing aids. The EPIC Hearing Service Plan has addressed this with its tiered product/services/pricing structure; and now EPIC has introduced a basic level to the hearing service plan. The basic level makes the first step into hearing amplification affordable, easy, and still maintains the presence of the hearing care professional.

Biggest Contributor to Hearing Loss: Noise

Your daily environment is probably noisier thank you think. Take a look at this chart that ranks the sounds of stereo headphones, lawnmowers and a baby's cry, plus what you can do to protect your hearing . . . Read More

Not Your Father's Hearing Aid

The same technology that gave us big screen televisions and cell phones that let us connect to the Internet have made hearing aids smaller and better than ever before. Take a look at the choices and styles of hearing aids available today . . . Read More

May is Better Hearing Month

Do you suspect you have a hearing loss? If you do, the American Academy of Audiology encourages you to find out. The first step in treating a hearing problem is a hearing evaluation by an audiologist. Diagnostic tests range from a simple hearing screening to more advanced measures . . . Read More

How Can I Save My Hearing?

Learn some practical, easy ways you can prevent hearing loss. For example, did you know that one-third of hearing loss is preventable with proper hearing protection? . . . Read More

Brokers & Consultants

EPIC's fully insured health benefit assures your clients access to high quality providers with defin
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Employers & Organizations

Whether you’re a company, smaller business, government, school or union, we can help improve t
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Individuals & Families

EPIC’s Savings Plan offers you and your family high quality hearing healthcare at substantial
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Hearing Care Professionals

We offer the services and tools that make the business of health care as easy as possible for our ne
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The quality of your life can depend on the quality of your hearing

With that fact in mind, EPIC – Ear Professionals International Corporation – has created an unprecedented national standard of quality for hearing health care. We are the first in the country to provide a national hearing health care plan through a coalition of hearing health care physicians and audiologists. Our mission is to bring the value of good hearing to government, industry and the public through expert testing, effective treatment and advanced technology.