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Hearing is an important part of your overall health and well-being. Not only does it keep you connected to the people and activities you love, it also helps preserve important connections in your brain that can help keep you sharp as you age.

If you have self-diagnosed mild-to-moderate hearing loss, you now have the option to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids without a prescription or appointment with a hearing care professional.

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Hear better, live better image

Is an over-the-counter hearing aid right for me?

New over-the-counter hearing aids offer a convenient way to boost your hearing, without needing to go to an appointment. Your hearing aids will be shipped directly to you and you’ll use a companion app to control and adjust your hearing aid settings. Use pre-set listening modes or create and save your own based on what you need. Some models even offer the ability to stream music and enjoy hands-free phone calls.

OTC hearing aids are best for those with self-diagnosed mild-to-moderate hearing loss who enjoy using technology like smartphones and are looking for the flexibility of finetuning settings themselves.

There are 2 types of OTC hearing aids that will perform better in different situations:

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Need help hearing in specific situations, like a noisy restaurant? Situational use style hearing aids are meant to be worn as needed and are designed to help people hear better in difficult listening situations. Often these come in earbud style, making them simple to put in and take out.

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All-day use

Looking for a hearing boost throughout the day? All-day use style hearing aids have flexible technology to help in multiple situations, from one-on-one conversations to large group settings. Often these come in a style that sits behind the ear to make them more comfortable for extended wear.

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Hearing aids are more discreet, more comfortable and more affordable than ever. With a variety of OTC hearing aid options, all reviewed and recommended by hearing experts, EPIC can help you hear more for less -- all from the comfort of your home.

OTC hearing aids are meant for individuals with self-diagnosed mild-to-moderate hearing loss. If you have questions about your degree of hearing loss and your treatment options, schedule an appointment with a hearing care professional.

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