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Work with a hearing care professional to learn about your hearing health and receive a personalized hearing aid recommendation.

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Addressing your hearing is a big step. But you’re not doing it alone.

Hearing is an important part of your overall health and well-being. Not only does it keep you connected to the people and activities you love, it also helps preserve important connections in your brain that can help keep you sharp as you age.

Working with a licensed hearing care professional offers you hands-on support and guidance, starting with understanding your hearing needs and exploring hearing aid options to helping you feel comfortable wearing a new pair of hearing aids. Log in or create an account to learn about your coverage through EPIC Hearing Healthcare.

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4 simple steps to better hearing

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1. Understand your coverage. Log in or create an account to learn about your coverage for hearing aids and care.

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2. Request an appointment. Schedule a no-cost hearing exam and consultation with a hearing professional in your area.

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3. Go to your appointment. You’ll have your hearing checked and talk about your results, lifestyle and goals before selecting a hearing aid.

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4. Start wearing your hearing aids. You’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with your hearing care professional where you’ll receive your professionally programmed hearing aids and learn how to wear and use them.

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What to expect when working with a hearing care professional

A personal, tailored experience

Hearing care professionals can provide hands-on support and guidance throughout your journey. At your first appointment, you’ll talk about your lifestyle, budget and goals as well as have a comprehensive hearing exam. With all of this information, your hearing care professional will work with you to recommend and order a hearing aid to meet your specific needs and goals.

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Support when you need it

You’ll also schedule a follow-up appointment where you’ll receive your hearing aid – programmed to your specific hearing needs – and learn about wearing your new hearing aid. Your hearing care professional can offer advice and strategies to help you adapt to your hearing aids and make the most out of their features.

Explore EPIC’s national provider network and request an appointment today!

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Cutting-edge technology, packed in a tiny device

Hearing aids vary in price, size, features, fit and more. Before meeting with a hearing professional, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to understand your needs and preferences for a hearing aid.

What type of look do I prefer?

From the color to the fit on your ear (For example: a behind-the-ear style or an in-the-ear style), there are options you’ll feel confident wearing.

What is my budget?

We cover most of today's leading hearing aid brands as well as Relate®, a private label hearing aid brand -- meaning there are styles and options available within your price range.

Are there any special features I need?

Hearing aids come with a variety of unique features to blend with your lifestyle — such as Bluetooth or rechargeable batteries.

Hear more for less with Relate®

EPIC’s private-label prescription hearing aid brand, Relate, offers high-quality technology and intuitive design – all at a price that’s a great value.2 Relate hearing aids address the full range of hearing loss with a variety of technology levels and styles. Learn more about Relate’s commitment to affordability, quality and versatile design.

Learn more about Relate

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Hear better, live better image
Hear better, live better image

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1. See coverage for specific brand availability

2. Relate® is a registered trademark of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated and is manufactured by Sonova. For assistance, if needed, or to report unexpected operations or events, please contact Sonova at [email protected]