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Addressing hearing loss is important. But with so many ways to shop, purchase and receive hearing care, how do you know which option is best for you? Our online hearing test is a good place to start. It could help you better understand the difficulty you have hearing different sounds. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be able to see the care path that best fits your needs and get started on your journey to better hearing with EPIC Hearing Healthcare.
In-person hearing care
Our more traditional in person setting offers hearing aid care and support at a location near you.
In person care is a great place to start if you are considering purchasing hearing aids for the first-time. Or maybe you prefer that one-on-one connection with your provider where you can discuss and explore all the options and products available to you. Whatever your reason, meeting with a professional to diagnose and manage your hearing loss is a great first step towards better hearing. And since EPIC Hearing is backed by the nation’s largest hearing network, we can help you find a provider in your area.
Your hearing. Your choice.
At your appointment, you have the opportunity to talk about your hearing options, take a hearing test if needed, review the results, learn about your hearing aid options and get a recommendation. With so many hearing aid options that offer varying levels of technology and features, how do you know which one is right for you? Consider the factors that matter to you most like you like your budget, lifestyle and level of hearing loss. Your hearing provider will work with you to find the solution that best suits you.
Getting your hearing aids
Your hearing aid(s) will be shipped to your hearing provider within 10-14 business days of payment. They will call you to schedule a fitting appointment. If you don’t hear from them, call to see if they received your hearing aids and to schedule your fitting appointment. During the appointment your hearing professional will program your hearing aids and help you learn how to use and care for them.
3 simple steps to better hearing
1. Schedule your hearing test or upload it now.

Schedule a hearing test
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2. Go to your appointment to complete a hearing test (if needed), discuss your hearing test results and choose a solution that works best for your budget, lifestyle and hearing needs.
3. Get follow-up care and feel confident your hearing aids are working correctly and fit comfortably.
Hearing treatment perks
  • Enjoy access to the nation's largest hearing network with providers near you
  • Get a personalized recommendation from any of our licensed hearing professionals
  • Receive follow-up care and support when you need it
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Through EPIC Hearing Healthcare, you have access to end-to-end hearing support. Stay connected and get the most out of your hearing aids with professional guidance, online tutorials, hearing health tips and more.
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