Prescription hearing aids

Hearing loss varies from one individual to the next, which means your hearing care should be as personalized as the device you purchase. With prescription hearing aids, you can rest assured knowing an audiologist or licensed hearing professional will help recommend and fit you with a device suited for your individual needs.

Meeting with a professional to diagnose and manage your hearing loss is a great first step toward better hearing. Without a hearing test, you could be missing a serious medical condition that if left untreated could cause additional harm. Based on a series of evaluations and a better understanding of your lifestyle, a hearing provider can help make a personalized recommendation. Post-purchase, a provider will fine-tune or make any hearing aid adjustments at a follow-up visit. Rest easy knowing you have the support and guidance from a provider to help improve your health and help you hear better.
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While prescription hearing aids do require a hearing test, you'll receive professional guidance and support every step of the way. Get answers to your questions and feel at ease with your new device. Our trusted providers will help match the right device for your budget, lifestyle and degree of hearing loss.

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Accessories & Supplies

Choose from many hearing aid accessories for optimal listening. Connect your hearing aids to your TV with a TV Connector, or take a PartnerMic anywhere for better distance hearing in noisy environments.

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