Jabra Enhance Select 500 w/ Premium Care

Jabra Enhance Select 500 w/ Premium Care

Better hearing today, technology that is ready for tomorrow. The smallest micro hearing aid yet from Jabra Enhance, features SoundScapeTM proprietary speech clarity technology to deliver next-level listening. Ready for the future of connectivity with Bluetooth LE Audio and AuracastTM as new devices come to market.


The Jabra Enhance Select 500 was designed with a micro RIE (receiver-in-ear) form factor. Its ergonomic shape makes it as comfortable as it is tiny, and its low center of gravity prevents unwanted movement on the go.


SoundScapeTM proprietary speech clarity technology prioritizes speech and reduces background noise, so you can enjoy natural sound in even the most complex listening situations. SoundScapeTM Technology combines 3 advanced features to deliver next-level listening.

Advanced hearing in noise: The best-ever speech-enhancing capabilities from Jabra Enhance delivers more natural sound through smart microphones and a powerful processing chip.

True depth of sound: More natural, immersive sound in one-on-one conversations, and enhanced spatial awareness to accurately perceive where sounds are coming from.

Advanced acoustics: Comfortably and automatically adapts to reduce background noise with built-in noise-canceling technology.

Hands-free phone calls with TapControl

Take calls just like earbuds when using a compatible Apple or Android device. Answer calls by double-tapping your ear or hearing aid without having to search for your phone or the program button on your hearing aid. See compatibility

Bluetooth LE Audio & AuracastTM

Bluetooth LE Audio improves audio quality, battery life, and connectivity. With AuracastTM, you will soon be able to receive direct audio transmissions in equipped concert venues, event spaces, and transit centers. See compatibility

Advanced personalization

An added layer of tailored programming for difficult listening situations like restaurants, one-on-one conversations, and loud environments. After the Jabra Enhance Audiology Team programs your device to your satisfaction (Part of the Premium Package included with purchase), you can set it and forget it.*

Bluetooth streaming for calls, music, & media

Connect your hearing aids directly to a compatible Apple or Android device to stream music, calls, and media right to your ears. See compatibility

Rechargeable travel case

A single charge powers the Enhance Select 500 for a full day, and for on-the-go power, the included charging case holds up to 3 full charges before having to be plugged in.


Rated IP68 to protect against dust, water, sweat, and rain.

Smart & intuitive app

For tinkers, the Jabra Enhance Select app makes it easy to adjust your own settings whenever you want. Adjust your bass and treble settings, choose environment programs to better suit your situation, and even schedule your video appointments in-app with the Jabra Enhance Audiology Team (Part of the Premium Package included with purchase). See compatibility

Exclusive colors

Available in 5 finishes to match your hair, your skin, and your style.

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