Relate® 3.1 Gold Custom CIC

Relate®, UnitedHealthcare Hearing's private-label hearing aid brand, can help you hear more for less. Made by a well-know, long-established international hearing aid manufacturer, Relate features a high-quality technology, intuitive design, and helpful features. Relate hearing aids address the full range of hearing loss with a variety of technology levels and styles. Learn more about Relate hearing aids.


  • Customizable for completely-in-canal (CIC) or mini in-the-canal (Mini ITC) styles 
  • Non-wireless option available in all styles and doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity capabilities 
  • Designed for mild through severe hearing loss 
  • Your hearing professional will provide guidance on the most appropriate style based on your ear and hearing loss 
  • Uses either a 312 or 10 zinc air battery 
  • Telecoil  
  • 20 fine tuning channels 
  • 6 Automatic environment classification programs 
Select color : Black