Phonak Slim L50-R

Better hearing never looked better. Phonak SlimTM is your all-new, stylish hearing solution. It combines modern, cutting-edge design, with state-of-the-art hearing performance. This exciting approach blends the best of hearing technology from Phonak in an aesthetically appealing look to keep you feeling unique, elegant, and connected.


  • Automatic listening environments powered by AutoSense OSTM 5.0 including: 
    • Comfort in Noise 
    • Speech in Noise 
    • Calm Situation 
    • Media speech + mic 
    • Media music + mic 
  • Improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort through Lumity SmartSpeechTM Technology 
  • Supports both iOS and Android though Made for All Connectivity  
  • Easy personalization 
  • Focuses on Speech 
  • Ability to pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices for direct audio streaming to hearing aids and ability to switch between 2 connected devices   
  • Fully Rechargeable 
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